Amenities to Look for When Selecting a Residential Project

Residential projects in Hyderabad use a lot of buzzwords to entice customers, claiming to ‘upgrade their lifestyle’ or ‘redefine your idea of home’. But a seasoned homeowner knows how to cut past the advertising and gauge the right choice for a secure and fruitful investment or home.

A good residential property is one where you can clearly see the attention to detail when it comes to comfort and convenience of its residents. This is done through providing an array of amenities which ease up certain tasks or solve certain problems that residents face.

If you’re looking for a new home, here are some amenities that could provide the foundation for your search!

A Few Non-Negotiable Amenities

1. Power reserve

While 24-hour power backup is becoming standard, some builders only provide power backup for communal spaces. Verify this with the builder before committing to any project; otherwise, you may have to invest time and effort to get yourself an inverter. Most new projects, like the upcoming flats for sale in Ameenpur by Sahiti Constructions feature 24*7 power backup.

2. Adequate parking space

Sufficient parking is frequently provided by builders in the form of covered or uncovered parking. In most cases, unless we are purchasing a 4BHK or higher configuration, builders only offer one parking space. We can, however, always buy an extra parking place by paying more.

3. Security measures

It must be stressed again and again. First, verify if the developer has implemented the necessary security measures, much like in the flats in Ameenpur.

4. Open area

More and more developers are now offering larger green spaces due to the city's shrinking amount of green space. However, it is interesting to note that a few top developers reserve 70–80 percent of the project area for open green areas.

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A Few Additional Amenities

In essence, the frills are a list of conveniences that are nice to have but are not necessary.

5. Swimming pool

The days when a pool in an apartment building was a luxury are long gone. Today, this feature is also provided by several smaller developers. However, the pool's size and amenities differ from one developer to the next.

6. Exclusive kids' play area

A designated play area for kids is crucial, especially with the city's limited open space. Fortunately, it is one of the considerable sought-after amenities in flats in Ameenpur. It may be due to the high concentration of professionals in these cities between 30 and 40. Parents make up the majority of these purchasers. As a result, there is a sizable demand for play areas inside real estate like Ameenpur flats for sale.

7. Gymnasium and clubhouse

These days, gyms are furnished with a variety of equipment for indoor exercise. In addition, the clubhouse in many developments frequently includes a gym and a pool.


Homebuyers are wise decision-makers who want to invest in a residential asset and are searching for a profitable investment asset. Homebuyers also anticipate investing in extraordinary lifestyles and experiences that grant them access to premium amenities. Therefore, consider our needs, budget, and tastes while evaluating a residential project in Hyderabad. Right now, good developers are eyeing new locations to improve the lifestyle of people and modernize the infrastructure. Flats in Ameenpur are a good start for your hunt!

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